Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology is a clinical specialty, undertaken by laboratory-based dentists, that is concerned with the diagnosis and assessment of diseases of the Oral and Maxillofacial region. The designation “Oral Pathology” has traditionally referred to all aspects of the pathology of the Head and neck region. It is a branch of histopathology and, in common with Medical Histopathologists, Oral And Maxillofacial Pathologists, provide reports based on interpretation of tissue biopsies of varying types and of surgical resection material. The main method of examination of specimens is by light microscopy, but this is supplemented by other techniques as appropriate, such as Immunohistochemistry, Molecular Analysis , Electron Microscopy and many more . In the department of our college we have:

  • Separate Museum with vast variety of Specimens, Seminar Room for Post graduates and PG Room for Post Graduates with separate work stations.

  • Huge collection of Slides and  blocks of rare  Cases are there in the department for Post Graduates as well as Undergraduates .

  • Different Types of Microscopes including Research Microscope, Multi Head Microscopes (Pentahead, Trinocular, Binocular), Stereomicroscopes and Compound Microscopes. Individual Binocular Microscopes are provided   to the Post Graduates With digital Camera and Bluetooth .

  • Immuno histochemistry   Lab (process of selectively imaging antigens in cells of a tissue section by exploiting the principle of antibodies binding specifically to antigens in biological tissues .) ,well equipped to develop and apply new tests .

  • PCR  Lab

  • Special stains

  • PAP  ( Exfoliative Cytology )

  • Routine H and E staining

  • Microbiology Lab Clinical Microbiology Laboratory is a full-service laboratory offering diagnostic bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, virology, and mycobacteriology .

  •  Forensic Lab In this lab, students practice taking dental records, learn to identify bitemark patterns, take casting patterns of teeth and learn how they are used in a simulated act. In the lab, student   gain expertise in identifying teeth and recognizing features such as occlusion (how the jaw closes) and dental work that may be useful for forensic study.

  • Heamatology Lab The Hematology Laboratory performs routine hematology testing,    Complete blood counts (CBC) and various body fluid testing and analysis. The testing utilizes the latest technologies to provide the most accurate results to the patients.

  • Different types of biopsies are also done in the department.

  • Lab Is also equipped with Antigen retrieval Microwave, Laminar air flow, Microtome, Incubator, Autoclave, Hot water Bath, Centrifuge etc.

  • The Department  receives specimens from in-patients at HIDS Paonta Sahib and  out-patient clinics, as well as from several outreach sites throughout Paonta Sahib ,Nahan ,Dehradun and Yamunanagar etc.

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